• Liberator Love Is Art Paint & Canvas Kit

    $59.00 $49.00

    The LOVE IS ART kit includes everything a couple could need to craft a one-of-a-kind abstract painting while being intimate with one another.  What is left is a unique painting that represents that special moment.  It can then be stretched, framed & hung on the wall as a lasting reminder of the love & passion that was shared.  The kit also provides a unique bonding experience for the couples involved, as they work together as a team to craft their own unique masterpiece.  The Love Is Art Kit includes a 41" x 56" treated hypoallergenic white cotton canvas, a 4oz bottle of specially formulated, non-toxic, washable paint, a large plastic sheet to protect your home from paint splashes, two pairs of disposable slippers, & a body scrubber for the shower.  The Love is Art kit is available is several hues & shades such black, 50 Shades of Grey & red.