• Lamourose Mya Beads Plum

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    Lamourose Mya Beads Plum

    Using an elliptical shape for easy entry, the micro vibrations designed for body movement produce vibrations that stimulate workouts & play along with a responsive, easy-to-clean exterior.  MYA Beads represent a potent combination of practicality & pleasure.  MYA Beads come equipped with both single & double bead setups for beginners & advanced users.  Packaged in a sleek & hygienic carry case, your MYA Beads will be near & ready whenever you are. Soft exterior & silicone connection harness are phthalate-free & FDA approved. . Measurements: Dual (including silicone cradle): 172 X 34 X 32mm, Single (including silicone cradle): 120 X 34 X 32mm, Beads: 32 X 32 X 37mm. Weight: Dual: 76g, Single: 39g. From L'Amourse.