• Jimmyjane Hello Touch


    Jimmyjane Hello Touch

    The HELLO TOUCH is the world's smallest fingertip vibrator available, & the only one optimized for both internal & clitoral stimulation.  This intuitive design features two  ultra-compact Vibration Pods, each enclosed in a silicone Finger pad.  We have minimized every dimension so you may deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands can roam, without limitation.  The Vibration Pods are as mobile & versatile as your fingers.  HELLO TOUCH can stroke, squeeze & surround in sensation, unlike any other vibrator.  Great for couples to enhance your natural touch & is perfect for both foreplay & sex. It's compact power is over 3 times the power in one third the size of most fingertip vibrators.  Versatile, had dual motors, is super quiet, waterproof & has strong-yet-silent vibrations.  Body-Safe & Phthalate-Free - Supple, medical-grade, platinum silicone. The Hello Touch is Travel-Ready & good to go with Pocket Travel Case. Intuitive Controls - Easy on and off. Batteries Included - Runs up to 6 hours on two AAAA batteries. Dimensions - Each Finger pad is 0.7"x0.9"x0.3", Dock is 1.0"x2.1"x0.6". Three Year Limited Warranty is Our commitment to quality.