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This is a 1-time purchase for our 1-month Pleasuresack.  Each month at Pleasuresack is different. With this purchase, you will a shipment filled with different adult goodies ranging everywhere from naughty to nice, common to not-so-common, and even super erotica to downright, uptight and out of sight products sure to please everyone! Our orders are always shipped and billed discreetly under PSGifts and filled according to your gender. Once you try a month, you'll be back for more......


Okay, so you're not entirely convinced that you want to make some positive changes in your sex life? We get it.  This is something new, it's sexual and something that not everyone is comfortable talking about or ordering online, but it is also something that most people think about constantly: Sexual Satisfaction. If you're happy sexually, you'll be  happier in life. If you're not having sex, then something is seriously missing from your life. Whether it's with your spouse, your partner, or by yourself, we all want to achieve the best climax ever. The kind of orgasms that make your knees buckle, or send chills through your sexual organs, continued through the rest of your body and then pass out.  Now that's climax, and that's what we're here to help you with! An improved sex life!

There are literally tens of 1000's of adult products out there. Where do you start? How do you choose? With Pleasuresack Monthly we take the guess-work out of picking from so many different products because we've already narrowed it down for you. The products we include in Pleasuresack Monthly are always tasteful, intriguing, fun, exciting and different. At Pleasuresack, will send you different samples, trial sizes, and other goodies each month from manufacturers of high-end adult products that will change your sex life for the better. If you really enjoy something out of your monthly order and you gotta have more.....just come back and visit our store to purchase full-size versions.

The Gift of Pleasuresack Monthly: Once you try Pleasuresack Monthly, you will want to tell your friends about us or maybe buy them a gift subscription! Pleasuresack Monthly also makes a great gift as a wedding present, for bachelorette parties or maybe you want to surprise your neighbor that really could use some lovin' in their life? Pleasuresack monthly is the gift that keeps on giving!  It's the gift that people remember.  It's the gift that will get used!

Pleasuresack Monthly subscriptions are guaranteed to make each month more exciting in the bedroom! That is our Pleasuresack promise.

Now let's get busy and get your order placed so you can make some positive changes now!