Aneros Eupho Classic Prostate Massager

$59.99 $49.99

Aneros Eupho Classic

The specificaly shaped Eupho has a small head & thinner stem which means that it will allow more movement than the other Aneros models.  Instead of putting pressure on the entire prostate, the Eupho massages many different parts depending on the user's anal sphincter contractions.  A man experienced with our other models & with stronger PC sphincter muscle will be able to exact precise control over the Eupho.  This will cause it to dance all around the prostate for a variety of sensations.  The Eupho offers an enticing, appealing shape that tingles & coaxes you slowly to new sensations & uncharted territory.  The gentle curves & ergonomic design allow for gradual build-up of physical sensation to lead you to the next level.  Due to its advanced design, the Eupho is best reserved for experienced users who have developed their technique.